Our Safety

Safety is our primary concern. Winday Electrical  Services during the execution of awarded work and shall maintain that all workers leave the site safe at all times. We ensure to provide and maintain all guards, fencing, caution boards and other safety measures and provide for vigilance as and where necessary or as required by the Engineer-in-charge or by any duly constituted authority for the protection of workers or for the safety of others. The caution boards shall also have appropriate symbols.

Our Policy

We provide and guide to our all working teams and the supervisors with all safety aspects. This is based on the guidelines for construction safety drafted in OSHA and the experience gained working with various MNC’S under the guidance of safety experts of each organization. We also engage safety consultants to oversee the safety aspects by way of spot inspections to check whether the guidelines are followed or not.

The teams are encouraged to use safety helmets, gloves, shoes, belts depending on the nature of work. The works such as welding and brazing are not allowed without fire extinguishers, Gloves and cover for eyes. First aid techniques are taught to team leaders and all sites carry first aid boxes. Site teams following the safety standards are awarded spot incentives to encourage concern for safety. Teams violating the norms are monitored with dedicated safety guide nominated by the company and are given intensive training till they comply.

Winday Electrical Safety Team Encourages The Following Protective Equipments:

  1.  Winday Electrical Safety team ensures all persons employed at the construction site shall use safety helmets. For other types of works, persons working in that area shall also use safety helmets, if advised by safety Engineer/Engineer-in-charge
  2.  We make sure the workers have protective goggles, protective footwear and hand gloves.
  3. All persons working at heights more than 4.5m above ground or floor and exposed to risk of falling down shall use safety belts, unless otherwise protected by cages, guard railings, etc.
  4. Persons engaged in welding and brazing are not allowed without fire extinguishers and are compelled to use suitable welding face shields. The persons who assist the welders shall use suitable goggles.

Medical Facilities

The Winday Electrical Safety team has adequate facilities for medical aid and treatment for his staff and workers engaged on the work site including the first-aid facilities if they are not available at the project site. First-aid appliances including sterilized dressing, cotton wool and antiseptic cream are made available at readily accessible places at every work site. These are maintained in good order under the charge of a responsible person.

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